How to keep the magic of Santa alive

20 December 2018

Write a letter to Santa

Get the children to write (or draw if they cannot write yet) a letter to Santa. We put it in the fireplace, and it magically disappears a little while later. My kids got so excited by this, that they started a daily mail exchange, adjusting their wish list, sending secret messages and drawing pretty pictures. Needless to say, it was hard to keep track as a parent, to make sure the letter disappeared every time they were posted.

Separate wrapping paper

Remember to buy wrapping paper and gift tags that is different than what you wrap your gift with. I make sure to give my kids one present each from Santa, and it is not the most expensive gift. That way, when they talk about their present at school or in kindergarten, somebody won’t feel sad for Santa not buying them expensive gift.

Sleigh bells ring are you listening

If you listen very carefully, you might hear Santa’s sleigh going past. Ask someone to go outside the house and shake some bells.

Track Santa

So this year, when the kids are asking “When is Santa coming?” The North American Aerospace Defense Command’s Santa Tracker will help your kids to see Santa’s journey from the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

Swap houses

In Norway, Santa always comes and delivers the gifts on Christmas Eve. The chance of getting revealed as Santa is therefore getting bigger every year. Get a friend or neighbor to come as Santa, and then in return visit their house as Santa. A bonus is that you will be present for the moment Santa comes to hold their hand if they are scared, instead of "you having to go somewhere".

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