Happy New Year!

Have a happy new year, and I cannot wait to see you all in the new year!


Decorating the tree

When I was little, my parents always decorated the tree after we had gone to bed on the 23rd. When we got up on Christmas tree, we could not wait to see the tree with all the presents under it. Although I liked that tradition, I have just come to the conclusion that I have enough to do on the 23rd and also I want to get more that one week of joy out of the tree, so I have started putting the tree up a week before Christmas. This year the kids were so impatient. They wanted to decorate the tree right after we brought it home. But since it was a part of their advent calendar, we had to wait for the right day.


Do you believe?

I am a bit sad to say that I think our 8 year old no longer believes in Santa. Last year we got a neighbor to come as Santa so he would not recognize any of us playing the bearded man. That did not work either, because he recognized his voice. So this year I think we will just let his father be Santa again for our 2 year old, and let the 8 year old figure it out. It is sad. I wish I could hire a Santa to come. Any volunteers living in Trondheim?


Last minute finishing touches

Suddenly the last week is here, and the last finishing touches has to be done. There is always that last minute present that needs to be wrapped and the last minute shopping to be done. Make sure you finish as well as you start. Add some nature to your present to make them stand out under the tree.


Orange with cloves

Making oranges with cloves in is a tradition I have carried with me since my childhood. They make the house smell sooo good.  This is a great activity you can make the kids do to keep the peace in case you need a moment to yourself. My kids love it, and have started asking to do it early in December. 


Make a place card holder

When I have dinner parties with many guest I always yous place cards. I think about who would enjoy talking to each other, and how to keep the peace at the table. Make these place card holders to make your table extra beautiful. They are easy to make, and all you need are some plyers and metal wire. You can find the recipe on how to make them here.


Baking day

This years baking went down a storm. It is the first year my boy had the patience to stick with the baking until the end. My girl got a bit restless after a while. But it was great fun. We bought ready made dough, and it might be the only baking we do for Christmas, because there are just too many things to do. I wish I could stop time and at the same time not - because we still are looking forward to Christmas. 


We got our Christmas tree!!!

 Here comes some pictures from sundays Christmas tree hunting at a local tree farm. Perfect winter weather for selecting our tree. This time we also brought our Italian friends and they got to make snow angels for the first time. It is great to share our traditions with people from other countries, because you get to see them with "new" eyes. I had forgotten how much fun it is to have a snowball fight!

My little girl thought it was a little too much snow in the forest though, when she got stuck in the snow. We had to sit by the fire to warm her feet after. But after she had some hot chocolate and ginger bread, she was fine again.




Christmas tree hunting

Today we are off to a Christmas tree farm, to hunt down this years Christmas tree. The farm we are going to makes it a great day out, and offers the kids free horse back riding, hot chocolate and ginger bread cakes. The kids love it. Pictures to come!!


Take a deep breath

It never fails. Something always happen to change your plans of a quiet and calm December. Whether it is unexpected guests or something you had forgotten, Christmas presents you have forgotten or plans that has to be moved around. There is always going to be something that will make you stressed. It happens to me every year. And even though I thought I had everything under control, I never really do. So I just take a deep breath, and try to do a little on my list every day, so I don't end up super stressed the last week before. 

It is also important to take some time with those who matter to you and not spend all your time on completing the list too. So I thing you could always see if there is something you don't need to do, and leave it. 


Christmas is entering the house

Christmas is soon here, and I am trying to add some Christmas decorations to the house every day, so that it is not only the tree that gets decorated, but the whole house. This is currently the top of the chest of drawers in the hallway. I like to make people get into the mood right when they enter the house.


Gift ideas for couples

Picnic basket

I think a picnic basket is such a great gift to give those romantic couples. You can also fill them with food they like and some wine to make it extra nice. You will find great picnic baskets on ebay or amazon. This one I found here.

A romantic experience

Experiences are a great gift no matter if you are old or young. What you can give depends on where in the world you are. It could be a hot air balloon ride, dog sledding, a spa day, or just gift vouchers for baby sitting services so the couple could go to the cinema or a restaurant.

Make a gift hamper

Add the couples favorites: wine, cheese, biscuits, cakes, candy, jams, olive oil and so on. You can also theme your hamper. Make a movie hamper with a dvd/blueray, popcorn, candy and so on. Here are ideas for some other themes you could do:

  • Spa hamper
  • Gourmet hamper
  • Coffee hamper
  • Baking hamper
  • Party hamper
  • Garden hamper
  • Game night hamper
  • Craft hamper


The Night Before Christmas Box

We added a new tradition (after being inspired by Pinterest) last year: The Night Before Christmas Box! The night before Christmas the kids get a box with lots of goodies.

Here is what I put in the box:

  • New Christmas pajamas
  • Christmas cups with a satchel of cocoa
  • Their stockings - so they can hang them up for santa
  • Christmas movies
  • Candy
  • Popcorn boxes and popcorn


All I want for Christmas is Zoo

Just a picture of our trip to the Zoo in Copenhagen. My little girl got to pet a reindeer. Needless to say it was the highlight of the day!!


Christmas starts in Tivoli (Copenhagen)

We have now made it our tradition to travel to Denmark to experience Christmas in Tivoli. It is the most christmassy place on earth I think. Mulled wine, Christmas market, rides for the kids (and adults) and even a Santa Claus they can tell their Christmas wishes to. It is our second year in a row we have been there with the extended family, and it won't be the last. This is the best place to get in the mood for Christmas!



Christmassy details...

Decorations are sneaking into the house in every nook and cranny. I love simple decorations, like these - home made snowflake and a star, stuck to my blackboard with dymo lablewriter. Today we are going to the Christmas market in Copenhagen, and I cannot wait to pick up some new decorations, enjoy time with the family and drink lots of mulled wine. An update from our trip is coming soon!