Top 10 things to do right before X-mas

19 December 2019

1. Go ice skating. 

My best memory from Christmas 2018 was when the entire family went skating with Christmas music on the loudspeakers.

2. Make a homemade gift

Make a gift for someone special that you cannot wait for them to open.

3. Have a Santa's workshop evening

Invite your friends and do some DIY projects together. It could be gift wrapping, crafting or making decorations. Throw in some mulled wine and it will be a night to remember.

4. Do Elf on the shelf

This is one of my favorites. Every morning the kids will sprint out of bed to find out what the naughty santa has done during the night.

5. Christmas light safari

Drive around the neighbourhood and check out the decoration efforts. Maybe there is a house famous for the decorations in your town. Make sure to check it out. Bring the whole family!

6. Have a movie night

On cinema or at home. Make it a pyjamas party, and bring your duvets into the living room. A cosy night for the whole family. Light a fire and snuggle up.

7. Make and eat gingerbread cookies

If you like blue cheese, try some on your cookies. Put a little bit of honey or some fig jam on top. Better than you know what....

8. Visit a Christmas market

Travel to one of those famous Christmas markets, or simply visit the one closest to you. Make sure to savour everything on offer. I recommend some mulled wine and bratwurst.

9. Go on a date

...with a new flame, your husband, a friend or your children. Indulge in some cake and enjoy the company.

10. Travel

Every year we have a long weekend away from home. Just the luxury of staying in a hotel, and not working our way down the to-do-list makes it worth it. I recommend going somewhere that will put you in the right Christmas mood. Cities like Edinburgh, Bruges, Berlin, Copenhagen and London is always top of my Christmas travel list.

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