Adventus - the Naughty Santa..

This year I started a new advent tradition. On the 1st of December a door appears on the wall - with a letter in the mailbox. It is from the naughty Santa called Adventus. He is asking the children if it is ok if he can stay with us in December. The children are so exited to get up every morning to see what Adventus has done over night.  I think this tradition is called Elf on the Shelf and has been around for a long time in other countries. But it is still quite new in Norway.

These are some ideas of pranks he can do:

- Put blue food coloring in the milk
- Switch the candles with carrots
- Wrap the kids shoes in Christmas paper
- Paint the kids noses red with lipstick when they sleep
- Prepare breakfast picnic on the floor
- Have a party with the other dolls and teddys
- Make a lego castle
- Make snow angels in the flour and ask the kids if they want to bake
- Decorate the tree with the kids underwear
- Bathe in a casserole and leave bubbles and shampoo in the kitchen
- Put toilet paper everywhere in the kids room
- Invite the kids to a movie night - spill popcorn on the table
- Put oranges in the kids shoes
- Make a toilet paper santa