Collecting things from nature

On sunny days before Christmas, I pack a lunch and take the kids to the forest to gather things we will use for making presents and decorations. We pick cones, twigs and closer to Christmas we also get branches of spruce that we need for table decorations and making the wreath for the door. You can also pick flower, press them and place them in frames to make beautiful decorations.

We also pick berries (blueberries and lingonberries) to make jam. We use lingonberry jam for our traditional Christmas feast - so that is essential. The blueberries we have to stock up on, and use the whole year for our pancakes. I simply just clean them, and put them straight in the freezer. When I need to use them, I just add sugar and stir - and voila - the best jam ever. No long cooking process needed. The kids loves going on our "treasure hunt" in the forest, and it is great to reconnect and find a little bit of breathing space.